Saturday, December 4, 2010

Husker Fans Just Don't Get It

Well I have heard several things about this big twelve championship and I have came to my own conclusion that maybe Missouri really did just let Nebraska win because they didn't want to hear them whine about how bad the refs were and blah blah blah. It seems to me every loss that Nebraska has had this year has been blamed on the refs! Well guess what Husker fans...I don't think it was all the refs fault! Mizzou lost on their own screw ups...they totally were not the same team that played A & M and OU. See that was me a Mizzou fan...accepting their loss and moving on! You Nebraska fans are addicts in denial...always blaming others for your screw ups! HEHE!
As I watch this game I can't help but wonder how the hell Nebraska won as many games as they did! Seriously, suck! Maybe Pelini should look into making Burkehead his starting quarterback! Just a thought...I know my team listens to my wise coaching advice, example, when I told them to take T-magic out at the knee...just like that he was ruined for the rest of this season.
I guess when Nebraska is ready to listen I will be waiting to give them my not-so-expert advice...but really I don't think they can do much worse! That's all for now...I'm off to make friends with Herbie maybe he wants to hear me out!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Small Slice of Heaven

Well, I was childless for most of the day yesterday! It was a nice break but, I missed him and it was heart melting that when I went to pick him up he missed me too!!!
Anyways, as I was childless we(Heidi and I) went shopping...I purchased something for work, something for Henry, and books for myself. I was super excited that I now have two new books by my favorite author(Jen Lancaster..Thanks Anna for introducing me to such a wonderful past time) and officially want nothing more than to curl up in my blankie with Henry,a cup of hot chocolate and/or coffee(sometimes I mix the two in one cup its a vice..back off I quit smoking gotta have one bad thing)and a book. That my friends is what I call fun these days! I was perfectly content and happy all morning cuddling and reading with my baby boy! Then it was noon and the dogs needed tended to DAM!
Did I mention that now he gets to cuddle with his dad and is still sleeping?!?!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Baptism

Okay so Henry is now a member of a church! He is a month old and has already accomplished something I never did. Although, it may or may not be against his will. I am not against this baptism thing by any means I think its great to start life out belonging to a church. As Henry grows to be three he will then be faced with the decision to attend bible school or not. I shall not force this upon him because I feel it's not my place, after all do I go to church? Not a chance. It's not that I don't believe in God but, I don't feel I have to inconvenience myself every Sunday to dress up (or get out of my pj's before 11) and attend some place where they preach to me about God and pray as a congregation. I feel that the lord can hear you just as easily at your own home as he can if you go sit uncomfortably in church. I my come off as a little anti-religious but I am not. I just do not believe in forcing my child to be religious. I shall use the try it you might like it theory and after that it's his call! Usually at that age they do lots of fun things in bible school so, he might at least enjoy that until he gets to be about middle school age.
Now, that we have established that I would like to thank everyone who attended Henry's baptism and came to dinner with was a wonderful night!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mommys First Conversation With Her Baby

Its hard to believe that just 9 months ago I found out my entire life was about to change! I just really didn't know how much!
It is 1 a.m. my precious Henry is wide awake and trying his hardest to talk to's truly adorable! I have to think what he might ask me at this point if he could get out those words...
1. Why is Daddy so much older than mommy? My answer...well, mommy thought maybe all the other men her age were ridiculously immature at the time! (And lots of times still does)
2. What are those hairy things sticking their noses in my face all the time? My answer...those are your siblings..they are dogs but still considered your family! Jackson and Piper.
3. Who was Great Grandpa Chuck? My answer...he is clearly your guardian angel...he passed just days after you were born. You have other angels up there watching over you but god must have thought you needed another one! He is a very special one to have at that he knew you were in this world just before he left us. He never got to formally meet you but, something tells me he will watch out for you for the rest of your life! Just be careful Grandpa Chuck was pretty ornery sometimes he might steer you into some trouble!
You are a wonderful change in my life Henry I love you more than words can say!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Friendship :)

Friends, everyone probably has tons of friends in and out of their lives. I'm 28, I myself has seen SO many friends come and go but, the main ones stay around. I've realized throughout my pregnancy now that I have a particular friend that even though I've yelled, cried, and screamed at her (well not directly at her but venting with her) I don't think I could pay her to walk out of my life! Yes, those who know me well know that I am talking about Heidi! Heidi is the type of friend that if she gets mad, she'll walk away for a little while but, it never fails she comes back! I have been without a drivers licence the majority of this pregnancy and Heidi has pretty much dedicated her time to my doctor appointments and even running me places out of town as needed! There just are not words that can express how much I appreciate her, she is definitely one of a kind. There are SO many moments she just does or says something you can't do anything but react with a head shake or look of confusion! She is just off the wall, but you just have to love her!
I don't know how many of you can say you have lifetime friends...but I can! She has been there for me for about 17 years or so now. I think anyone who has hung around that long is not going anywhere! When this baby is born, I can't wait to see the look on her face! I know she's going to be as proud of it as I am. Although this child has Aunts and Uncles already..he will know her as Aunt Heidi! I think she has earned that title! So, Heidi if your reading this I know I probably made you cry!!! HEHEHE! I love you though! Your the best friend I could have! If at any point I tell you differently while I'm in labor don't listen to me just tell me WHATEVER!
Thank you again for EVERYTHING you have done for me your the best friend I've ever had!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Little Things That Make Me Happy!

Today...I decided that our kitchen counters are filthy! I decide its time to remove all the clutter and clean all appliances on the counters and the counters themselves. I am rummaging through all of the junk that really is not mine, has been on the counters since I have moved in. I come across two little batteries in a package, they look kind of like watch batteries. I ponder on this, why would he have these on the kitchen counter and he obviously forgot about them. Then it strikes me!!! They are replacement batteries for the wretched dogs shock collar!! (Evil grin). So, needless to say it has been the quietest day in my house I have had in a long time! :) Commence doggy training!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Simply Not American!

I was out of town today with a friend, we stopped at Runza, I decided this sounded delicious to bring home for supper. I get it home, throw some fries in the oven and TADA!!! SUPPER!!!

We sit down to eat and as Bob finishes his plate he says,"When did they start making Runza's in Hoagie bun shapes?"
I say "Um..since they opened? Never knew a Runza to be any other shape, well at least from the actual Runza restaurant."
He says " O well I guess maybe I have never had an actual Runza from Runza."
Hold the freakin' bus!!!! What did he just say!!!! I could not believe my ears.
I say "Wow, thats just simply not american."
Bob says " mean Runza isn't American...I thought that Amigos place was Mexican what would Runza be then like fast food French?"
I am speechless!!! I just shake my head and say "WOW"
I understand there is a big difference in our generations...but really...French? And can you be from Nebraska and NEVER consume a Runza?